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Paul Butler

Release Date April 18, 2006
Number of pages 174 pages
Publisher Flanker Press
La langue French
ISBN 1894463897
Filename NaGeira
Format File Pdf
Reads 8658238
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The legend of Sheila NaGeira looms large in the early history of the New World.

And it stretches back to Ireland in the 1500s and an ancient crone, Sheila Na Gig, whose form still haunts church doorways.

NaGeira tells two interlocking stories. The first is of eighty-year-old Sheila, a midwife and healer living apart from a settlement at the North American Bristol plantation in 1660. The second, a parallel tale, tracks Sheila's early life in Dublin's English Pale where she is caught in the crossfire of politics and tragedy. Even after she escapes persecution, leaving her enemies far behind, Sheila finds that forces can still resurface to conspire against her.

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Full eBook Title : NaGeira
By : Paul Butler
Language : English
Ratings : Very Good
Category : Books
Release Date : 18-4-2006
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